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Treatment of thyroid disease in the Shahter sanatorium in Essentuki

Both excessive (hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis) and insufficient (hypothyroidism) functional activity of the thyroid gland is the cause of various diseases.

The causes of thyroid disease may be genetic predisposition, psychoemotional overload, unbalanced diet, taking certain medications, etc.

Most often, patients with thyroid pathology are contraindicated in almost all traditional physiotherapy, especially electro and magnetic procedures.

As a rule, such people in the sanatorium are prescribed a course of mineral baths and a special diet, which is individually developed by a specialist based on the data obtained as a result of analyses. Another necessary element of therapy is a visit to a psychologist, because most often patients with this disease have various mental disorders and a depressed state.


  • Severe thyrotoxicosis
  • Diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage, with a labile course (frequent hypoglycemic conditions)
  • Tumors of the endocrine glands.

Treatment results

Treatment in the sanatorium restores the function of the thyroid gland. Metabolic processes in the body are normalized, and therefore, signs of emerging diseases disappear.

Consequences of lack of treatment

The most dangerous consequence of thyroid diseases is the formation of nodes in the glandular tissue. It is these nodes that grow into cancerous tumors. Squeezing with an enlarged thyroid gland makes swallowing and vocal functions difficult, causes vision changes, headaches and swelling.
Щитовидная железа или щитовидка - железа внутренней секреции, вырабатывающая три гормона. Два первых контролируют процессы роста, созревания тканей и органов, обмен веществ и энергии, кальцитонин - один из факторов управления обменом кальция в клетках, участник процессов роста и развития костного аппарата (наряду с другими гормонами).

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Sanatorium-resort program "Treatment of diabetes mellitus"
Vouchers from 12 days
Prevention of complications in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
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