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Treatment of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency in the sanatorium Shakhter (Essentuki)

Patients with chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency (CCN) are shown sanatorium-resort treatment, which consists in the mandatory elimination of risk factors – this is quitting smoking and taking excessive amounts of alcohol, correcting body weight, ensuring a sufficient level of physical activity, rational nutrition, etc. For the treatment of this disease, medication is also used in combination with non–drug treatment - patients are also engaged in therapeutic gymnastics, physiotherapy, manual therapy and reflexology.


  • The stage of exacerbation with pronounced vestibulo-atactic disorders.

Treatment results

Treatment at the Shakhter sanatorium effectively solves the problem of HCN. Already at the beginning of treatment, positive changes are noticeable. And after completing the course. Patients note a noticeable improvement. And this is not surprising. After all, the blood supply to the affected area is restored.

Consequences of lack of treatment

Cognitive impairment is a frequent consequence of HCN. They can manifest themselves in the form of memory impairment, mental activity, disorientation and impaired coordination. Binswanger's disease develops, which leads to an inability to serve oneself.
Хроническая цереброваскулярная недостаточность – нарушение работы мозга, которое вызвано снижением кровоснабжения области, питаемой основными и позвоночными артериями. Симптомами болезни могут быть головокружение, неустойчивость при ходьбе, головные боли, боль в глазах, затылке и снижение памяти.

Treatment for this disease is prescribed by consulting doctors of the sanatorium "Shahter" as a concomitant pathology to the main diseases that are profile for the sanatorium - diseases of the digestive system and endocrine system.

For more detailed advice, please contact the resort's sales department: +7 (863) 310-01-43

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